● The Springs has been supporting world missions since 1967 (then as the Village church of Christ)? 

● The Village church supported a missionary in Singapore-- Henry Kong . That church recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and has mission points of their own!

● 5 different families from The Springs pews have committed to live and serve in Kigali, Rwanda. 4 families still serve there.

● Our first missions committee was formed in the mid 1970’s. Over the years 33 different members have served on the team with 12 on the current team.

● Over the years The Springs has supported works in Brazil, Hungary, Honduras, Belgium, Germany, Venezuela, Oklahoma City, and Rwanda!

● The Christ Church Rwanda (CCR) has an attendance of between 300 and 400 each week.

● Our missions efforts have had the unexpected result of adoptions. 12 foreign adoptions have happened over the years by our missionary families and Springs families.