A Brief History of the Mission Efforts from:
The Springs Church of Christ

Supporting Mission outreach has been a major part of this church's DNA for many decades. When we came to the Village in 1977, we were involved with Singapore (Henry & Nat Kong), Guatemala (Dr Richard Reinboldt & Pat Hile) and Norfolk, Nebraska (info coming).

In the mid 1970's a mission committee was formed to focus on doing missions well. Bill Wolf was one who helped organize this original committee. Bill retired from the mission committee in October of 2011 after serving part of 5 decades in that service. Since 2000 we have had 33 different members serving on this committee, with 12
currently serving in 2015.

Henry Kong was initially supported by The Village church in 1967, when he became the preacher in Singapore. The church there celebrated their 50th anniversary October of 2014. Today the Singapore church at Pasir Panjang numbers between 500 & 600 members, and actively support 10 mission points of their own. Monte &
Monema Stevens traveled to Singapore last year to celebrate the beginning of their year of Jubilee and their long partnership with our church. The Village has been the only church to fund Henry in this very successful half a century work.

In the 1980's several new works were begun:

Mel & Marly De Latorre were supported in Bauru Brazil.
Paul & Kati Henderson were supported in Budapest, Hungary.
Allen & Maria Dutton were supported in Ito Brazil.
Pete & Janine Brazle were supported in Catacamas Honduras.

In the 1990's several new works were begun:

Kent & Jamie Taylor were supported in Catacamas Honduras when the Brazles left.
Amanda Madrid was supported in Catacamas Honduras.
Charles & Cathy Gross were supported in Catacamas Honduras.
Robert & Cindy Wells were supported in Miskolc Hungary.
Tim & Anessa Westbrook were supported in Szolnok Hungary.

Paul & Carol Brazle were supported in Antwerp Belgium.
Don & Cindy Roehrkasse were supported in Hildesheim Germany.

In 2000 Pedro & Louisa Andrade were supported in Venezuela, multiple cities.
In 2001 Paul & Suzanne Whitemire were supported at Cross & Crown - OKC.
In 2005 Dave & Jana Jenkins were supported in Kigali Rwanda.
In 2007 Bryan & Holly Hixson were supported in Kigali, Rwanda.
In 2010 Brett & Keli Shreck were supported in Kigali, Rwanda.In 2011 Rusty & Onawa Linden were supported in Kigali, Rwanda.
In 2011 Jamie Boiles was supported in Kigali, Rwanda.

In many cases our Missions effort sent our own people into the field for long term missions: Paul & Suzanne Whitmire, Dave & Jana Jenkins, Bryan & Holly Hixson, Brett & Keli Shreck, Rusty & Onawa Linden, Jamie Boiles!

Kigali Rwanda has received the most missionary families from our own with 5 families being sent and 4 families are still there. The mission church, Christ Church Rwanda (CCR) has attendance between 300 and 400 each week. The mission school, Kigali International Community School (KICS) is self-supporting, with a staff of around 50, and an enrollment of 200 students, from 20 or so nationalities.

The Missions efforts have also had the unexpected results of adoptions.

Our missionaries have adopted:

Amanda Madrid - adopted 3 siblings (Honduran)
Terry & Joni Stokes - adopted 1 (Honduran)
Kent & Jamie Taylor - adopted 1 (Honduran)
Dave & Jana Jenkins - adopted 2 (Ugandan)
Brett & Keli Shreck - adopted 2 with 2 more in process (Rwandan)