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Lent with Springs KIDS

Lent starts on March 1st and the KIDS will be participating in collecting supplies for Positive Tomorrows. The change jars that the kids are using to collect Change for Missions Month will be what they also use for Positive Tomorrows change collection. The idea is that each family will dedicate a time each week to talk over and pray about the kids at the school and then go to the store and purchase supplies from the attached list. The KIDS will work for the funds that will be used for each purchase. They can do chores, or small tasks around the house or maybe for neighbors. I will provide a guide each Sunday with scripture to read together and tasks for the KIDS to dwell on. It is very much like the Advent guide. During class time we will talk over what the kids prayed about and what they choose to purchase from the list. It is important that the kids know what they are purchasing the supplies for. It can be as small as a box of crayons. This can be a time of reflection and giving up for the sake of others. Lent is a time of sacrificial love and commitment to others. It is compared to the forty days in the desert for Jesus. It is full of prayer and fasting. Here are the guides for each week of Lent:

Week #1 Lent Guide
Week #2 Lent Guide
Week #3 Lent Guide
Week #4 Lent Guide
Week #5 Lent Guide
Week #6 Lent Guide
Week #7 Lent Guide

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