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This holiday season, there are a number of ways to help the families served by Cross and Crown. Two specific needs this time of year are NEW COATS and SPACE HEATERS

From the Cross and Crown website:

"These months also bring difficult truths and realities to the forefront of our thoughts and minds. November and December bring cold weather. Old homes with cracks and failing roofs lead to cold nights for parents and children. Those fortunate enough to have central heat and air are now faced with the difficult decision to crank the heat up to keep the house warm or save a few bucks so they can use their money to pay for new winter jackets for their growing kids.

One of our efforts during the holiday months is to help eliminate the difficult decision many parents, grandparents, and caregivers have to make in deciding between a warm house and warm clothing. Our desire is to provide new, warm jackets to those who need them, as well as provide some alternate sources of heat for homes such as (electric) space heaters."

to help with coats and jackets 

  1.  Contact us directly and we can provide you with specific ages, sizes, and preferences for a family we are in relationship within the community.
  2. Go out on your own and buy adult sizes, youth sizes, and children sizes. We have a great need for all sizes.  Whatever you buy/bring will be used.
  3. Give financially and let us go buy the jackets we know we need for specific families and individuals.  You can give financially by way of cash or check. Mail checks to: Cross and Crown Mission, 1008 N.McKinley, OKC, Ok 73106. 

to help with space heaters

If you are interested in helping with electric space heaters, this is how you can help.

  1. Go to your store of choice and purchase however many space heaters you can afford to give.  Then, bring them by when you get a chance.  If you’re needing help knowing which to buy, CLICK HERE– but any will do. You can get this specific heater at Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and several other places.  If you buy online you are welcome to have them sent directly to us at: 1008 N. McKinley, OKC, OK 73106 

    2. Or you can give money and we will buy the heaters.