The Church doesn't have a mission, God's mission has a Church

In the months of May and June, The Springs will embark upon a new sermon series called GO. Each week will focus on a specific Christian virtue within the broader context of mission, exploring how we can embody Christ as we "Go and make disciples of all nations."

Join us each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. as we welcome a series of guest speakers. Ben Langford and Brett Vanderzee will both be taking a break from preaching during this series as they fulfill other commitments. 

  1. May 7th       Michael Hanegan    GO: Love
  2. May 14th     Elijah Weaver           GO: Tell
  3. May 21st     Rick Guyer                GO: Serve
  4. May 28th    Don Roehrkasse       GO: Mercy
  5. June 4th      Ben Ries                    GO: Welcome
  6. June 11th    Peter Cariaga           GO: Justice
  7. June 18th    John Harrison          GO: Reconcile
  8. June 25th    Ben Ries                    GO: Believe