May 26, 2015

Dear Church Family,

For the past few months the elders and Steve Dye have been discussing the state of The Springs and its future.  All agree on our vision of making an impact in Oklahoma City for Jesus and being transformed in to His likeness in order to do so.  Unfortunately, the elders have not seen the momentum that we would like.   We are concerned about the number of people who are leaving us, being unsure of what we are doing or where we are going.  We have been praying about specific decisions and direction about what to do for the past few months.  This week the elders decided to release Steve of his duties as Lead Minister at The Springs.  This was an extremely difficult decision as we love Steve and his family very much.  Steve loves this church and has worked tirelessly these past 5 years to help The Springs.  He has been a good teacher, a visionary, a steward of financial resources, protected our unity and steadied us from the storms of our past.   We are continuing amiable relations with Steve as we walk through this transition period with him and his family. 

What does “release Steve of his duties” mean?  Effective May 19, 2015, Steve no longer has a staff position at The Springs.  However, we will continue Steve’s compensation and benefits for an interim period while he is in transition. 

Why did you “release him”?  Steve was not released for any other issue except that the elders felt the church needed new ministry leadership with a different set of gifts in order to carry us forward into God’s will.

What about our current vision and mission; are we going to change everything again?  We like our vision and mission!  We have always been a church that has not feared being transformed by God, loves to worship Him, is “missions-minded” and is passionate about our children and Connections (small groups).  We are looking forward to using all the resources God is providing us at this time to carry out the mission God has for The Springs.

Are you going to hire someone soon to replace Steve?  Yes, we will be initiating a search after we have evaluated our needs. 

What are you going to do in the interim period?  The first order of business is to insure all areas of the church are running smoothly and all Steve’s duties are being covered.  We have a talented preaching team led by Dwayne Guthrie and Brett Vanderzee.  Kelly Osborne will become Interim Executive Minister over the church staff.  We will keep you informed as we go along.

You can reach the elders for comment or additional questions at or we are available by phone.

Grace and peace,


The Springs Eldership