Spiritual Formation with The Springs


Our Objective  

Equipping adults, teens and children to build a life-long relationship with God with a strong Biblical foundation. 


Our Values

Family First

  • Parents are the primary spiritual leaders and nurturers of their children’s faith.

Community Confirms

  • Christian discipleship is modeled, mistakes corrected, and grace given within community.

Scripture Rules

  • Scripture is our standard for faith and practice.  It is the foundation for each of our goals. 

Everyone Ministers

  • Regardless of age or stage of life, everyone has unique spiritual gift to build up the church.


Our Goals

Love God

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Making your relationship with God and scripture an important part of your daily schedule
  • Clear Identity: Understanding your identity as a child of God and the purpose He has for your life
  • Wise Choices: Understanding how to make decisions which are based on God’s perspectives
  • Moral Boundaries: Establishing limits on personal desires for the sake of your future potential 

 Love Others

  • Healthy Relationships: Developing relationships which encourage a positive lifestyle and spiritual growth
  • Others First: Establishing a personal vision to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Ultimate Authority: Choosing to respect and follow the leaders God has put in your life
  • Articulate Faith: Ability to articulate your faith in Christ by telling God’s Story and your story in Him


Our Path

The Faith Path suggests a focus of specific practices and milestones at certain ages. However, you know your child best and can determine the most appropriate time to emphasize each step.  Click here to learn more about how Faith Path is used at The Springs, and here for information on using it in your home.