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Work Camp

Work Camp!  Let's get to work being a blessing all around town!  First stop will be local church members in need; then Cross and Crown in OKC!  Full details will be coming soon!  Cost is $30, and please bring a sack lunch and water bottle each day.  The $30 goes toward purchasing supplies for the projects.  Please bring $10 if you want to participate in Monday night's movie.

 We need adult sponsors.  Please let us know if you can help by calling Bill this week!

Schedule below, Sign Up HERE.


               9:30 Arrive at church building for prayer and prep.

               9:45 Depart for Richardson Home

              3:45  Depart for church


             5:00 Pizza at the building; if you are not participating in the movie have your parents pickup at 5:30.  Please be courteous to pickup on time so the group is not late for the movie.  Thank you!

              6:00 Purchase tickets, please bring $10 for Antman.

              6:30 Movie Begins

              8:15  Please pick up your student at the Quail Springs Mall at the El                

                      Chico door.


RAINED OUT.  DEVO and DINNER TONIGHT STILL STANDS. Cross and Crown already had a large group of 100 working to find things to do indoors and there wasn't alternative ideas for us. 

             5:30 pm  Depart for Hot Dog and Swim Party at the Bucks household

              7:00pm  Parent Pickup at the Buck's house.


              9:30 Arrive at church building for prayer and prep.

               9:45 Depart for Cross and Crown

              10:15 Chapel at Cross and Crown

               3:30 Depart for Sonic

               4:00  Sonic at Bricktown

               4:50 Pickup at Building (Paintball cancelled due to not having 10 players)


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