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Don't do life alone!

Get Connected at the Springs

Connections Groups are NOT a program of our church, they ARE our church! If you are serious about growth and spiritual maturity, join or lead a Connection group today. Let's help you get planted where you can increase your opportunity for spiritual growth. 

When you have honest, open, and transparent communication with other loving people it gets uncomfortable at times. Growth and change are uncomfortable and require a loving community. We are called to do this life together. It's how the church grows larger and smaller at the same time. Larger through worship and invitations. Smaller with fellowship in SMALL intimate groups. 

Let's help you find your group! Check the listing of groups below. Most all groups are open and accepting new members, but if you don't find what you are looking for, talk with Connections Delegate Melia Mullins today using the contact button below. 

Launching Group

A group for people searching for Connection, for visitors and new members to gather, get connected, and start a new group.


Leaders: John & Kelly Osborne. 

Sopapilla Cheesecake

An Intergenerational group that meets in East Edmond for fellowship, food,  and encouragement. 


Leaders: Wes & Delisa McKinzie

Shoemaker Group

An active, busy group consisting of families of elementary and teen children. We meet in W. Edmond and Deer Creek. 

Leader: Steve Shoemaker 

Bible Study

Bible study group that meets at the building on Wednesdays primarily during the school year. We love discussion and studying together! All are welcome.

Leader: Jane & Phil Loafman

Shield Wall

Men's group that meets Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Our goal is to remain authentic, vulnerable, open, and honest.

Leader: Jason Henley.

Good Conversations &

Early Bedtimes 

A group of young families dedicated to creating a safe space to discuss the hard questions of faith, learn from each other and still get the kids to bed on time. Meets Sundays at 4 p.m. 


Leader: Ryan Jones

Guyer Group

A group of retirees, empty nesters, and older singles. We enjoy engaging in projects to serve the community.


Leaders: Rick and Bev Guyer

The Field House

Our group is a place to ease your weariness and rejuvenate your spirit. We aim to help carry your burdens. We choose to take time and develop trust with the goal to be fully known by others and by Jesus.

Leader: Tucker & Kaley Field

Mentoring Parents

A group that focuses on younger parent(s) with small children. Provides a space that allows connection during a chaotic phase of life. 


Leaders: Steve & Lisa Buck


Young Singles/Couples

A group of young professional singles and couples in their early to mid-20's. We enjoy meeting with other groups to fellowship and connect. 


Megan Deister & Grayson Ingram

Potter Group

A group comprised of empty nesters that meets for fellowship and support of this stage of life. 

Leader: Don Potter 

The Almosts

We are a group of married couples with older children approaching the "empty nest".  We are intentionally reconnecting with Godly relationships as we navigate and prepare for our fastly approaching new normal.

Leader: Keith & Kathryn Varner

Charging Port

An intergenerational group that enjoys engaging discussion on scripture. Consists of retirees, empty nesters, and families with kids still at home. 

Leaders: Paul & Alissa Crawford 

Young Families

A group of families in their 30's and 40's mostly. We have a big group of young children ranging from newborn to elementary. We focus on fostering community. 


Leader: Jeremy Ball 

Retired Seniors

This group consists of retired senior adults in their 70's and 80's. We eat together and look after one another and pray for each other. 

Leader: John Cromling

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