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Elder Nominations Fall 2019

3 YEAR RHYTHM - Three years ago, we began the new rhythm of opening up the eldership to new elders and also giving the current elders an opportunity to roll off if they so choose.  We are hoping this 3 year rhythm would allow the elders to rest as needed, but also know that they could step back into the eldership at a later date.  We believe that opening the eldership up for new to join and for current to roll off as needed will maintain an eldership that is healthy and strong.


ELDER NOMINATION (2 WEEKS) - Starting Sunday, Sept 29, 2019, we will be receiving elder nominations for 2 weeks ending on Sunday, October 13, 2019.


Please take the time to prayerfully submit the names of those you would like to nominate for the eldership.  Click here for the Elder Nomination form. 


FEEDBACK FROM CONGREGATION (2 WEEKS) - Once we finish our nomination period, the elder selection committee will contact those nominated and will bring those names before the congregation. We will have another 2 week period to receive feedback regarding nominees.


NEW ELDERS ANNOUNCED - After a 2 week period, our new elders will be announced in early December 2019.


Monte and Monema Stephens will be retiring from the eldership at the end of 2019.  Monte and Monema have served faithfully as an elder couple for 20+ years.  What an example of love and service they have generously given us!  


Jim and Celeste Dvorak opting to roll off of the eldership to focus on research and writing.

Big thanks to both Jim and Celeste for their love and service over the past 3 years.  They are still very involved at The Springs with Celeste leading the Mission Committee and Jim often teaching in the adult Bible classes.  


Phil and Jane Loafman will continue on as an elder couple.  Big thank you to both Phil and Jane for their leadership and tender care for our church family.

We are so thankful for how God has provided The Springs with good leadership through the years and we are confident God will provide us with the elders we need for today and our future.

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