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Belay Global Country Director

Kigali, Rwanda

Jamie moved to Rwanda in July 2011 and started working with business women who dreamed of reach out to the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Jamie founded Duhugurane to offer holistic work-readiness training for young Rwandan women 18-25 years old, and has evolved to include entrepreneurship training. Jamie has a passion for helping women leave the sex trades in Rwanda. Many are finding new hope through Jamie and her team's efforts.

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Kigali, Rwanda


Christ’s Church Rwanda (CCR) and Kigali International Community School (KICS) are thriving ministries, that are the result of the prayers and actions of faithful Springs families and others who believed God was bigger than our fears. Ultimately, four Springs families served as missionaries in Rwanda between 2005 and 2021. These families and the many Springs families who have supported these ministries are a small reflection of The Springs’ history of sending and supporting missionaries and ministries around the world for decades.


CCR’s current senior pastor is a former Rwandan Presidential Scholar who studied at Oklahoma Christian University. He and a national team lead CCR as it seeks to share the Good News of the Gospel through preaching, teaching, small groups, and community partnership.


KICS is PreK-12 international Christian School led by an independent board under owner agencies including ROC Partners founded, chaired, and served by Springs' members. With over 300 students from as many as 30 nationalities in a given year, KICS is fostering the intellectual and spiritual growth of young people with the potential for global and generational impact.

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