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I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:19

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M E M B E R   M O M E N T

B E F O R E  &  A F T E R

Angi Lovejoy | November 2019

I love a good makeover show. A tired, overworked mommy is pulled from a crowd to be pampered for an hour or so. Then she walks out, looking all glamorous and youthful with new clothes, hairstyle (and probably shapewear). Her husband and/or kids are flabbergasted with how beautiful she is. The husband says something like, "I didn't think it was possible, but she's even more gorgeous!" 


They show us a split-screen of the tired mom before and after. We applaud! She looks so much better! She must be so much happier! 


Or, maybe it's that weight-loss show. The one with contestants who win money for losing weight. In the final show, they come out, slimmer and healthier. They frown and scowl at their "before" images. They might say something Like, "I'll never look like THAT again! What was I thinking?" 


I have an eating disorder that has brought me lifelong shame and frustration. But God has given me hope and healing through Celebrate Recovery.  When I realize the changes God’s made on this journey, it's easy for me to think of the old me as disgusting, unloveable, loathsome. This seems like a positive idea - to want nothing to do with the life I used to lead. But, what happens if I have a bad day? If I slip back a little? If I am tempted by something I thought was out of my life forever? If all I have for that part of me is loathing and disgust, then Satan has me just where he wants me: ready to give up. Why try to be Godly, when I know I will always fail?


But I am trying something new: being kind to my past self. God is teaching me that he loves the before-Angi just as much as he loves the after-Angi. He absolutely calls me to be transformed by the renewing of my mind (Romans 12:2), to be Godly and put my old ways behind me. But, if I look back at the old me with kindness and forgiveness, I can stop the pendulum-swing of hating myself for what I did/going back to unhealthy patterns /hating myself for what I do.


In the real world, there is no clear before and after. After the show, even those makeover ladies have to go home and wash their own hair.  If I'm really living for Jesus, one moment at a time, there's before, and there’s right now.  And right now, I want to grow and change and be more like Christ. The only after is the hereafter. (And I already know hereafter-Angi is going to be just fine.)


October 15, 2019

Despite my shared love for Christ with many people, heartbreaking conflict still happens … a lot."


September 17, 2019

"One of the strengths I’ve always appreciated about The Springs is the willingness of leadership to consider an idea, bless it, and send you forth to “Go.”

Bring What You Have

August 6, 2019

"It is very encouraging for our youth here to get to know other Christians their age. And also they are inspired by the singing of such a musically talented group as this Spring group is."

Youth Mission Trip

October 15, 2019

"As I looked around last Sunday morning, of the 45 or so people present, at least 10 different nationalities were represented."


September 3, 2019

"The word kindness roles off the tongue with great ease and conjures up thoughts of weakness and feelings that make us think it is an easy thing to do..."

Be Kind to Everyone

July 16, 2019

" is beneficial to review briefly the main leadership functions of elders as found in the New Testament."

The Primary Functions of Elders

October 1, 2019

"...busy in their minds, prepping for their day, talking on the cell, settling down wiggly kids in their car seats – never noticing God’s gift in the sky."

Look for the Little Miracles

August 19, 2019

“...You are either going into a storm, in the storm, or coming out of the storm.” I have lived my life thinking my spiritual journey would be like an Oklahoma storm."

Between Two Gardens

July 2, 2019

Monema Stephens reflects on how God has worked through the Springs over the years.

Looking Back